I Am Down in Mexico


Of course the trip was a lot bigger of a deal than I expected and the great thing is that my boss is paying for it, although he is going to write the entire thing off. I am down here with my girlfriend and we are staying in one of these really huge Cabo luxury rentals, a villa is what you would call it I suppose. At any rate we are down here on business in theory. The boss is entertaining a bunch of our biggest and most important clients and a couple of guys we would very much like to be our clients. He honestly does not have the technical expertise to do any of these deals, but he is really good at greasing the wheels so to speak. In truth I do not want to know more than I need to know about the way that he operates. This is not something I should even talk to, but he is really determined to show these guys the time of their life. The laws do not really impede that if you know what I mean.

If the client is a really religious guy then you do not try to grease him in the same way that you would a guy who likes to run wild. It is not any of my business, because it is illegal for you to give people bribes, whether they be cash or anything else. I doubt that you are going to get caught so long as you do not do anything that is really dumb. However you are going to be the guy who stays out of that stuff if you are smart. I do that nuts and bolts of the deal and all of that other stuff is out of my lane to be honest.